Maren Morris fans are getting excited as she'll be the special guest performer tonight with headliner Naill Horn.

Maren Morris really opened the door for her career back in 2015 with the release of "My Church".  That song hit number 5 on the charts and was certified platinum. She continues to blow us away with hit after hit, most recently singing "Rich."

Naill Horn, first experienced great success with the band One Direction; and now has proven to be a musical force of his own. His single Slow Hand went to number one in 44  countries. Naill Horn is from Ireland, and his first single that he release was called "This Town" which he released in 2016. Streams of the song have now passed 350 million worldwide.  He is tonight's headliner.


The show this evening will begin at 7:30 pm in the Grandstand. If you're still looking to score some tickets, they are $58 and $49 and you can get them by calling 1.800.514.3849 or by clicking HERE now.

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