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Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean had an unplanned road trip recently when they had a frightening experience in St. Louis. They had just attended the ATA,(Archery Trade Association) Show, and were on their way to go duck hunting. The scheduled flight was supposed to be just a quick 30-minute flight.

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating. Luke said it was 16 degrees and winds were blowing up to 40 miles an hour, which caused some of the instruments on the plane to stop working properly. It must have been quite frightening, as Jason said, "We thought our plane was going to fall out of the sky," as Luke could only laugh at the harrowing event.

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Luckily, they landed safely, and everything worked out. They made it off the plane and started making alternative plans.

Bryan & Aldean decided to rent a car and were on I-55. As you can imagine after an experience like that, they must have worked up quite an appetite spending all those calories worrying about the landing. Aldean said there was Dairy Queen off the exit, apparently the only restaurant in sight, so that's where they went.

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While Jason was placing an order for a cheeseburger, chicken strip basket, and a number 1 with a Coke for Luke, Luke Bryan was live streaming on social media about the incident. Jason's wife Brit called wondering what was happening when they explained that they were live streaming at that very moment.

Rick Diamond
Rick Diamond


We didn't get to see if the DQ workers knew who was in their drive-thru, but surely they know who it was that came through by now.

I was shocked that after all that, they didn't even order a blizzard or dilly bar. I hope they enjoyed their fast food craving, and we are glad that they are safe.

You can learn more and watch the video in the story below.

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