Courtesy of Fox
Courtesy of Fox


Like many of you country music fans, I was excited about the country music drama television series on Fox starring Susan Sarandon and Country Music Superstar Trace Adkins called, 'Monarch'.  I turned on my television just about every Tuesday night at 8 pm to watch the twists and turns of the Roman family legacy; the lies; the deception, and their crazy loyalty to one another to the bitter end.

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Jason Kempin, Getty Images
Jason Kempin, Getty Images


As I tuned in on Tuesday night for Episode 11 of Season 1, the season finale, I was thinking; it'll take at least another season to wrap up all the loose ends of this one, so surely they'll be back for a season 2.

However, the storylines seemed to wrap up rather abruptly.   We found a body; Papa Roman was going to jail! Nikki Romans' new lover saved the day, and Papa Roman wouldn't go to jail after all.

Sisters Gigi and Nikki seemed to make up; and decided that Mama Roman was wrong and there COULD be two Queens of Country music. So together, they headed out into the sunset on tour together; and their dear brother decided that the Monarch label was just too small for him and moved on to a bigger label, leaving Papa Roman to run the Monarch label once again; keeping it all in the family.


The only question that wasn't really answered was? Would Gigi and her wife ever reconcile? Clearly, Gigi needed time to think about it; since her wife had an affair with her brother.   There was definitely enough to bring back a season 2.

Today, my fears were confirmed. Fox will NOT be bringing back Monarch for a season 2, even though it was their most-watched scripted debut series in three years, watched by 3.8 million viewers, people apparently got tired of the series by episode 10 falling far below the beginning numbers.

To be honest, it was a really interesting series, even though I thought they played on some of the same material over and over in a few episodes, and the constant referring to 'The Monarch Family Legacy" got a little bit old, I still enjoyed watching Trace Adkins, and all of the talented performers on the show.


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