It looks like that future home that you can tour in Wisconsin Dells.  I'm not even sure it's still there- it's been awhile. But that is what this house reminds me of.

It's called the Ensculptic House.  And it's located in Minnetrista-near Lake Minnetonka.  It was built in the late '60s.  So, it was really futuristic for that time.  There is virtually not a straight solid wall within the place. Some people say it sort of looks like a Hobbit house.  I think it looks a little like some of those places that were shown on the original Star Trek series.  Like when they would go to other planets and see the architecture on those planets.
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When it was placed on the market there was no real way to figure out what price to put on it.  There are no comps for this type of house. So, there really wasn't a buyer after the people who built it left.  It actually sat empty for years after being abandoned  and was finally priced at $237,000 in 2010.  Since it sits on over 8 acres, you were basically buying the land which happens to have a house on it too.

The house sat on the market for a few years.  In 2017 it finally sold for $170,000.  Even though it was quite a bit less than the original asking price, there's  no real way to tell if this was a deal or not.  Like I said, you are basically  buying the land, the house is just a bonus- or not.  If the buyer had planned to bulldoze the house, that would be an added expense.  But the couple who bought it were originally from Minnesota.  They bought it sight unseen, other than the pics online.  They thought they might tear it down, but when they saw the place in  person, they decided to keep it.  Just making some upgrades to the home to keep up with modern times.

Check out the inside of the house. Placing furniture would be challenging.

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