The latest information from The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention states that Omicron is pretty much been replaced by  BA-2, which then evolved into BA.2.12.1 and that not too, has evolved into the most troublesome variant of Covid to exist yet...BA.4 and BA.5; at least that's my understanding after looking at the chart at the CDC.

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According to CDC experts, BA.5 is going to be one to worry about, as BA.5 seems to be the variant that is spreading faster than BA.4 and is expected to be the dominant stream in the United States in July.

Does this mean that we might have something to be worried about? Our immune systems, even if we have had vaccines, may be incredibly different than the new mutations; quite possibly, making it difficult for our immune systems to recognize and respond to the new variants, which means we may have more breakthrough infections, especially from people who have already had BA.1, because BA.4 and 5 are much more resistant to antibodies than the previous versions.

Other bad news; BA.4 and BA.5 are really good at multiplying and replicating in lung tissue, which means they may be more likely to make you sick. That also means it is more likely to make you sick, where possibly previous versions did not for many.


BA.4 and BA.5 are also more resistant to Evusheld, according to one report, which is an important treatment that has been providing protection to those individuals who are immunocompromised, according to an article from

The CDC does NOT think the new variants will ever take us all the way back to when we knew nothing of how to deal with Covid; and agrees that because of vaccinations, improved treatment options, and acquired immunity, we won't see those early numbers. However, vulnerable Americans could be in a dangerous situation, and even though it seems we are getting immune to the number of people dying from Covid, the death toll could still be staggering if we don't stay on top of it.


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