Costco recently announced they're selling pre-made Jell-O shots just in time for summer. Your pontoon experience just got a whole lot more interesting.

The product won't be available in St. Cloud until summertime when they roll this new product out nationally. According to People, right now you can only get the Shotty's Gelatin Shots in San Diego, California and Arizona.

According to the Costco Buys Instagram account, the adult dessert comes in four flavors; strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape.

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The Jell-O shots come in packs of 24 There's about 12.5% ABV in each shot. The packaging directions say you're supposed to add ice and water to the pouch that the shots come in and it acts as a cooler. How AWESOME! You'll for sure be the pontoon hero this year.

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