For a long time I assumed that the terms 'corn dog' and 'pronto pup' were interchangeable (and I love them both), but hold everything -- the dogs and pups are two completely different foods (kind of).

In most cases, a corn dog is dipped in a batter made with cornmeal or corn flour, while a pronto pup is generally made with a flour or pancake batter -- but things at the Minnesota State Fair aren't that simple.

The well known 'Pronto Pup' booths at the Minnesota State Fair read, "America's original corn dogs." (Whaaaaaat?)

Neel is an NY based foodie (from Hyderabad, India), whose in-laws are from Minnesota. He fell in love with the Minnesota State Fair in 2011 -- and adds to the great debate in this video.

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The secret batter recipe of the state fair 'Pronto Pups' is said to contain corn meal, wheat flour, and rice flour (which qualifies these pronto pups as corn dogs).

So if a pronto pup can be a corn dog, can a corn dog be a pronto pup? I guess the bigger question is: ketchup or mustard?

We all miss the fair this year. The 2021 Great Minnesota Get-Together runs from August 26th through September 6th.

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