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Everyone LOVES Tim & Faiths new song, The Rest Of Our Life". The bad news is, you should never steal someone else's tune.

Songwriters Sean Carey and Beau Golden say they wrote a song back in 2014 that was sung by an Austrailian singer/songwriter named Jasmine Rae. They say the song is exactly the same in some instances...pretty hard to ignore.

The complaint was filed on Wednesday and apparently a Marketing Manager for Sony named Tim Holland, new ahead of the release, that it was a rip off. He says the reason he didn't bring it up was because he was afraid he would get fired.  Seriously? What about now dude?

Ed Sheeran is a writer on the song....so I was surprised that at this point in his career, that he'd let anything like this happen. Of course, nothing has yet been decided, whether it truly is a copyright infringement or not.

The songwriters are asking for 5 million dollars in damages, plus profits and they want royalties from the song as well.

What do you think? Here are videos of the songs. What do YOU think?



Jasmine Rae/Youtube

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