A couple of months ago we were talking about how Cooper Avenue in St. Cloud needs some repair, resurfacing, widening or all of the above.  Some people mentioning how it's crazy that their suspension hasn't needed some work- or it may still.  Others mentioning that there has been a plan put in place and information had been sent to the residents that live on that street that there would be some repairs coming soon.

Within the last month there have been crews working on Cooper Avenue filling in the extensive amount of pot holes and repairing destruction of the sides of the road.  Some patches have been resurfaced.  This took a few days... actually a couple of weeks.  Then they went away as in "job completed".  It hasn't been.  Now, that some time has passed.  And by "time" I mean just a few days, the pot holes are returning. Whatever the composite was that was used to fill in those potholes has been sinking.  Which means the pot holes are coming back.  The areas that were resurfaced are much better... but that brings me to this.  Why not resurface the entire road?  My eductated guess would be funding. What will it take to get that done?

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The area that needs the most attention is the stretch of road between Roosevelt Road and 22nd Street.  It's a hill.  The road really needs to be widened as well.  With the amount of people who walk and run on this road there really should be a sidewalk at least on one side of the road.  Understanding that this will cost some money, and where is the funding coming from?  Also realizing that there was just a major project at the other end of Cooper Avenue which is where 33rd Street is leading to the new Tech High School.  But, attention still needs to be paid to the other end of Cooper.  This "band-aid" isn't going to cut it.

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