Technology can be great. We carry computers in our pockets that happen to be able to make phone calls, too. Medical technology keeps improving. And I can't imagine driving in the winter without heated seats.

What I'm saying is we're spoiled.

Give And Take
Pimpin' still ain't easy, though (Getty Images)

Without going full, "back in MY day!" on you, here are a few things that we miss because they've been replaced by technology.

1) Mixtapes
Sure, you can make a Spotify playlist, but remember when we had to physically dub songs onto tapes? The timing had to be perfect, too. CDs still involved some effort and investment. Not anymore.

2) The Excitement of Getting a Roll of Film Developed
You didn't know how those pics turned out. You hoped that at least a few did. There was no way you were getting your money back if you're photographer skills were lacking. Now that pocket computer that can make calls also snaps pictures at far better quality than we (my generation) had as kids, with instant feedback on your photo skills.


3) Handwritten Letters
Do kids even know how to write anymore? No more mysterious letters in your locker or desk, or passing a note 4 seats back hoping that the teacher didn't catch you. Now you take that pocket computer I keep typing about and text your amour a meme. How romantic.

4) Sending Postcards
You know that pocket computer that can also call, text, and be a camera? Now you can use said camera to snap a pic and send it to everybody. No more buying too many postcards because what if you forgot someone...just snap a pic.

5) That Folder Full of CDs
The struggle was real. Had to have a disc for any occasion/mood, so you crammed your CDs into a folder thing, hoping you didn't scratch them. Tired of an album? Gotsta eject that disc, put it in its sleeve, find your current flavor, and put it in the player. Stopping to do so never happened, either. Now just put your entire collection on a cloud service and stream it all from That Pocket Computer That Can Make Calls, Texts, and Take Pictures.What did I miss? Let me know!

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