Today marks 5 years since the human remains that were found on a farm near Paynesville, Minnesota were confirmed to belong to Jacob Wetterling, who had been missing since October 22, 1989.  His remains were confirmed to be his through dental records.

Danny Heinrich led authorities to the farm where Jacob was buried. He is now serving a 20 year sentence in federal prison after confessing to Jacob's abduction and murder.

In remembrance of Jacob, yesterday the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center posted a photo of Jacob to their official Facebook page captioning the image; "Today and always:"

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The picture is of Jacob posing in a soccer photo with the #11forJacob next to it. The image says, "Jacob Wetterling believed in a fair and just world, a world where all children know they are special and deserve to be safe. To remember and honor Jacob's hope for our world, be part of the #11forJacob. This movement centers around 11 simple traits."

Those 11 traits include;

  1. Be Fair
  2. Be Kind
  3. Be Understanding
  4. Be Honest
  5. Be Thankful
  6. Be a Good Sport
  7. Be a Good Friend
  8. Be Joyful
  9. Be Generous
  10. Be Gentle with others
  11. Be Positive

The Facebook post has been shared nearly 400 times with hundreds of reactions and comments from supportive people throughout the community.

Mary Otterness Rosenbloom wrote, "I wanted to let you know that we have had these decals on the mirror in my son's bathroom for several years now. They see these 11 values every day."

Laura Judson wrote, " I'm pretty sure Jacob saved my life. Because of his story everyone in my grade was hyper sensitive about their surroundings. Well one day when I was about 15 I noticed two men in a van watching me when I was at a bus stop. They drove past me, turned the corner and I looked around the corner and saw them cut the lights when they got close to where I was. I hid between houses but I could hear them get out and look for me. They finally left, and my bus finally came and we notified the police when I got home. I don't thing anything came from it, but I credit Jacob for saving my life."

Heather Bilings said, "I never met Jacob but growing in Minnesota I will never forget when he was taken. It changed the way everyone did things like playing outside along with other things. I followed his case throughout the years and was so happy that finally there was closure in his case. I cried as it felt as if he was my friend. Rest in Peace Jacob".

Kimberli Heino commented, "This little boy dropped into my heart the day he was taken (10/22/89) and broke it the day he was found. Like other Minnesotans from that time period, I will never forget the depth of this tragedy and how it changed the fabric of safety for our children, as well as it showed the true strength of the Wetterling family amid incomprehensible pain. Sleep well in the arms of God, Jacob, until we see you again."

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