The Benton County Fair kicks off this week in Sauk Rapids and we are going to be out at the fair during its 6-day run! Stop out to our booth, we are located over by the 4-H building this year close to the Remembering Our Fallen Tribute area.

We will be offering up the chances to win prizes at our booth at select times, so you'll have to be ready if you want to walk away with some fun items this year. If you want to know what times we will be offering up a limited number of prizes per day, we've got your schedule below.

Tuesday - 3:30p and 5:30p
Wednesday - 4:00p and 6:30p
Thursday - 3:30p and 5:30p
Friday - 3:30p and 4:30p
Saturday - 12:30p - We are not able to staff Saturday's drawing.

We will have the opportunity to win prizes at those times, so be early and patient.

On Thursday from 10a to 3p you can stop by our booth and pick up some Value Connection items, and you might be saving a little more than usual if you buy at the fair on Thursday from 10a-3p! *hint hint*

On top of the giveaways, you can stop out and see if some of your favorite personalities are out working at the booth!

We are looking forward to being back at the Benton County Fair in 2022!

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