CLEAR LAKE -- What color is your Christmas tree? Is it green? Maybe white? What if you could get your Christmas tree in blue, pink or another color?

At Jan's Christmas Trees, tree farm in Clear Lake, you can get your tree in your favorite color. Farm manager, Justin Donelson says they have a variety of colors.

"There's purple, blue, white, there's pink, red. There's two blues, a dark blue and a light blue."

The tree paint has actually been used for nearly 30-years to make pine trees stay green longer into the holiday season. Donelson says pine trees will start to yellow if they aren't sprayed green.

"Long needle trees you put a green paint on them because as the tree comes into the fall, as it gets cold, it pulls all the chloroform out of the needles, back to the inside of the tree to preserve itself for winter time. So the needles actually start to yellow a little bit."

The paint used on the trees is specifically designed for them, it's not your typical hardware store can of spray paint.

"The paint is completely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, kid safe, pet safe. So it's quite a bit more expensive than a couple rattle cans of spray paint to go on the tree."

Donelson says he's never tried using regular spray paint on a Christmas tree but he doesn't recommend it.

People buy the colored trees for many reasons, Donelson says some are huge Viking's fans and want a purple one, others have more personal reasons.

"One lady came out, well actually her daughter came out and wanted a pink tree, we only had a few pink trees this year, and she wanted the one pink tree because her mom was a breast cancer survivor."

Trees are colored in September before the temperatures dip down below 50 degrees. Next year Jan's Christmas Trees will be taking pre-orders. Anyone who would like to buy a colored tree can pick out a tree in September to have colored and cut it down in November.

The farm colored about 60 trees this year. If you are interested in buying a colored tree, the farm has five left in the field and about 10 pre-cut ones still for sale.

(Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)