My husband, Dave didn't believe me. But, I called it!! According to a report on Fox, there are many insects that live inside of pine trees like; bark beetles, psocids, mites, adelgids and more. Yes, I said and MORE.

Why haven't you noticed these bugs around your house? Great question. The cold weather causes them to go into hibernation or lay dormant...but when the tree warms up in your house, look out!

One way you can make sure to dislodge some of these unwanted house guests is to shake your tree before you bring it into your home. It'll do a pretty solid job of removing most of the bugs, but you can't guarantee that it will get rid of all of them. Or, maybe this will just make them angry. Vacuuming more often will help suck up some of the rogue pests and get rid of dead pine needles.

This my friends, is exactly why I have a fake tree.

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