Last week the city of Annandale issued a warning to residents to be aware of clown sightings happening around the central Minnesota town.

A message from the Annandale Police Department:
Annandale residents, concerns about a “clown” in the area have been brought to my attention. The Annandale Police is aware of this individual and we continue to monitor the situation.

The facebook post from Pete Standafer, the Annandale Chief of Police, continued on to say that there isn't much the police can do until an actual complaint to the police is made, and they need to justify a legal basis of the terms “alarm or annoyance” reguarding this clown's conduct.

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This Annandale clown has been spoptted by mulitple people who shared their stories on the city's Facebook post:

"Yeah, he was at Rondezvous, in the alley, on a push scooter. He looked to be a young black kid. Didn't look old enough to be in the bar but I'm old and he was wearing a mask. I didn't see him do anything illegal. He was just being bored or put to a challenge by playing a game. This was last Saturday night."
"I actually saw him yesterday around 7:45pm next to the bank riding a scooter making the dog go crazy across from the bank drive through thought it was goofy but did not realize he was causing such ruckus"
"It cool but creepy how he looks at u when u drive by"
The Facebook post from the police cheif wrapped by saying:
If you have concerns about the “clown” or any other public safety matter please as always do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.
We welcome the opportunity to assist you in these matters.
If you're frightened by clowns, and in the Annandale area, be alert. Otherwise, you should be fine. It

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