If you love cheesecake, I have found the most delicious alternative at our local Kwik Trip stores! I'm not kidding. If I meet someone else that has tried these delicious little treats, I end up having a 15 minute conversation. I actually bought a few, shared them with my sons, and my oldest asked me to go back and buy ALL of the bars they had in the store. They are amazing. The other thing I think is amazing, is that I found these delicious little treats at Kwik Trip! What's happening!

Kelly Cordes


Not only are they amazing; but if you're trying to watch your weight, they are only 140 calories per bar, including 8 grams of protein!  These delicious little bars taste like real cheesecake, minus 500-600 calories LESS per bar. They come in two flavors; vanilla and strawberry and are covered in delicious chocolate.

Kelly Cordes

Not only do I enjoy these little delicious cheesecake bars occasionally, I'm also amazed at all the other healthy options our local convenience stores are offering these days. I found this especially surprising. Not only can I get cheesecake bites at Kwik Trip, I can also take home Sushi! Sushi! Yes! My kids love Spicy Crab Rolls and Calilfornia Rolls, and the price is perfect!

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So next time you're thinking about Sushi....then thinking you'd like to follow it up with a delicious piece of strawberry chocolate or chocolate vanilla cheesecake, just remember...you can have it all at your local convenience store.

Who ever thought you'd be able to get sushi and cheesecake while your filling up your gas tank?


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