Twin Cities Meteorologist Paul Douglas shared a video this morning on Twitter that was simply amazing to watch. The video showed a portion of all of the lightning that was popping this morning across Central Minnesota, particularly in Gull Lake, where the video was shot!

A friend, Mark Anderson, captured amazing footage of last night’s lightning display on Gull Lake. Wow
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Douglas shared the video, and while I was watching it I remembered waking up last night because I thought that someone was flashing their lights into where I was sleeping or that someone was maybe flipping on and off the lights in the bedroom, that is how bright it was at times. The storms not only produced lots of lightning, they also produced heavy downpours where portions of the Saint Cloud area saw as much as 4" of rainfall over a short period of time causing roads to be closed, and detours being put in place. Power was also lost across areas of town, and a tree in front of our studios went down during the night. It wasn't just this morning that Central Minnesota saw extreme weather, look at this video from Twitter that shows the amount of hail that Brainerd got yesterday.  

Stay weather aware tonight has more storms are possible heading into the evening hours.

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