Walking along storefronts can be fun. You get to look inside at the store/restaurant, you can judge maybe how busy it is, or isn't, and sometimes there is something on display in the window that might make you stop in, or as in the case of this video, it has the opposite affect. A Minneapolis woman recently shared a video of a RAT inside an Uptown restaurant, walking in and through food that appears to be covered for use later! ISH!

The video, shared by RaLasia Wright on Facebook shows a video of a rodent, most likely a rat by the size of it, in the display window outside Stella's Fish Cafe in Uptown. The rat is on the edge of a pan of food, and then you see the rat get under the plastic wrap and start to eat the food!

You can see the video below!


I was leaving fire house and seen this at Stella’s this is soooo nastyyyy bro like me and sierra eat here dang nea everyday and it wasn’t one it was a few of them mfs running back and forth having fun with what they gone try to feed us tomorrow I’m literally throwing up rn ewwww never again do betterrrr STELLAS and if y’all gone have rodents tell them lil mfs stay put up until fire house closed cause I right caught them red handed when I was leaving there

Yesterday Stella's posted twice one post addressed the video of the rodent in the food and the other said that they were going to be closing early...which may have been related to the rat video...

After the above post was made to Stella's Facebook page, the post below appeared stating that Stella's was closing early.


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