I am an explorer by nature. I love going places I've never been and checking out history and seeing how life used to look back in the day. When I found out about this Minnesota ghost town that's now a state park that you can go to and tour, my ears perked up.

According to the Minnesota Historical Society, the ghost town is called Forestville and it's located in Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park in Preston, Minnesota.

The historical society's visitor's guide states that the ghost town was once a thriving community, but when the railroad bypassed the area, people started moving out. Today, many of the old buildings on their main road still exist. The only way to get to the town is to cross over small, covered, Gillette-Hertzog Bridge.

You can visit and tour the town's old general store, homestead and farm buildings during a 45 minute guided tour. You'll also learn about the Meighen family who owned the local town grocery store.

There's a lot of history, and ground to explore in Forestville. This exactly what my adventurous soul needs this summer!

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