As you may know I recently purchased my first home, and it's been a challenge (to say the least) transforming the house I purchased into a comfortable home that expresses my style and personality. The big purchases like furniture and bedding weren't the hard part, it's been trying to find the right accessories for all the walls and shelving that has been so challenging. But then I recently came across this place and it was like I hit the jack-pot!

I knew the Paramount had an art program, but I had no idea they had a whole gallery. They are located downtown St. Cloud right next to the Paramount Theater just off of West St. Germain.

I love supporting our local community every chance I get and this is a great opportunity for you to do the same. Plus the variety of art at the gallery is amazing, so I don't think anyone will have a problem finding something that fits their style. I just think it's so cool to know that the pieces I purchased were made by a local artist.

Purchasing an original piece of art can be really expensive, but at a local gallery like this the prices are very reasonable. And original art beats a copied piece of art that has been mass produced and sold to big-box stores any day.

They even offer art classes for every level of experience. So even if you are just a beginner they give you the opportunity to learn.

This place is definitely worth checking out, you never know what you might find!