When the weather gets warmer, most of us want to get out on Minnesota lakes.  And with the warmer weather that we've had (other than the last couple of days) ice out on lakes is happening a bit earlier than in previous years. That is, on some lakes.  Yesterday, Lake Minnetonka claimed ice out- 2 days earlier than last year.

So, how do you know if the ice is out on a lake that you'd like to get out on?  Well, there happens to be a handy dandy little tool from the DNR that shows you what's going on with virtually every lake in Minnesota.  You just put the lake in that you are questioning, and voila, it lets you know what is going on with that lake and the ice situation. The tool will also let you know some other facts that you may or may not have known about the lake.  This is the information that it will tell you:

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If there is still ice on the lake you are wondering about, remember, no ice is ever 100% safe.  Especially now, too many temperature changes and unsettled movement.  As far as the public access, the DNR will set these up as soon as possible so people can use them for the fishing opener.  If you know more about a lake near you, and that information hasn't been updated on this site, you can also enter that info yourself.  

The official Minnesota fishing opener is May 15th.

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