With "Lonely If You Are," fans continue to meet the new Chase Rice, a soft-spoken gentleman more prone to invitations than aggressions. It's another love song from the North Carolina native and he's betting on it being another hit.

That's a safe bet, given how easy "Eyes on You" from his Lambs & Lions album sounds between any two songs on the radio, even after it peaked at No. 1. Rice's new, softer approach hasn't created music as sonically defiant as some of his early material (love it or hate it, you knew "Ready Set Roll" was him when it began), but it's stabilized his roller coaster career, which should in turn allow him to get away with more dangerous statements as album cuts or third or fourth singles.

After an acoustic introduction, Rice's vocals fill three minutes to the edges. It's a rapid-fire verse and chorus over a mellow acoustic groove that's garnished with steel guitar and a soft drum track. References to ABC's The Bachelor and a local Nashville hangout are sneaky and appreciated — his co-writing team have crafted a sharp, if bulging lyric that leads up to this refrain at the bridge: "Oh, let me love the lonely right out of you." 


Ah! There's the man fans grew to love earlier in the decade, hiding with a grin at the bridge. The difference is he closes with his uncensored intentions instead of opening with them. "Lonely If You Are" is a more mature song from a man who's learned a few hard lessons.

Did You Know?: The first lyric of "Lonely If You Are" references Santa's Pub, a popular dive bar near the fairgrounds in Nashville run by Elmer Denzel "Santa" Irwin.

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Chase Rice's "Lonely If You Are Lyrics":

If it's Friday, you know I'll be / Kickin' back with the boys down at Santa’s Pub / Don't hesitate, don't even think about waitin' / I'll just type it up / Yeah, I'm ready if you're ready or wondering / Stop thinking, hit send.

Doesn't matter if it's last call from a late night sidewalk / A little too buzzed, a little too drunk / You could have your hair down, all curled up on the couch / And the quiet ain't loud enough / It could be AM or PM / It could be middle of the week or the weekend baby / It ain't too late or too far / Just call me 'cause I'm lonely / If you are, if you are / Yeah, I'm lonely if you are / If you are, if you are / Yeah, I'm lonely if you are.

If it's Monday and it's over / You know the show your girls all come over for / And the red wine's getting lower / And your last friend's out the door / When there's no more roses to go around / Hit me up girl, you know I'm down.

Oh, let me love the lonely right out of you / Oh, let me love the lonely right out of you / Oh yeah, if you're out there and lonely girl, I'm lonely too / So let me love the lonely right out of you.

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