Charlie Worsham comes across as a normal guy you want to root for. He’s polite, like someone you’d be happy to have your daughter bring home for dinner, and his deferential manner is reflected in the best songs on ‘Rubberband,’ including ‘Want Me Too,’ his new single.

The talented instrumentalist and singer has chosen a signature track from the album for his follow-up to the Top 20 hit ‘Could It Be.’ It’s not necessarily the best song on the album, but it’s reflective of who he is and what the album is about. Worsham says things in a unique way, but avoids speaking down to, or over the heads of, a mainstream country audience. His heart is always open, and that comes through as he sings.

You've got a lock on your heart, it's chained in the dark / Somehow you lost the key,” he sings after a guitar and kick-drum introduction. “You say you tried everything to get love back again / But baby you ain't tried me / Bet I could break on through / If you want me to.”

The production is tight, but not robotic. Air flows through the song, and instruments are layered to allow momentum to build slowly. The banjo is the final layer -- the icing on the cake when Worsham bursts into his chorus:

“My heart's skippin' like a stone on the water / Tell me what do I gotta do / To make you want me too.

One struggles not to sing along with the 28-year-old’s “Ooh, ooh, oohs” by the end of this snappy, bluegrass-inspired country jam. It’s a song you can listen to 1,000 times and not grow tired of. Often those songs are slow to catch on, but Worsham’s debut album is one that’s built to stand a test of time.

Why Fans Will Love It: The chorus is irresistible and Worsham's style is a welcome dose of subtlety amongst a generation of country stars looking to hit one over the head with euphemism and electric guitar.

Key Lyrics: "My heart's skippin' like a stone on the water / Tell me what do I gotta do / To make you want me too"

Did You Know?: Ryan Tyndell co-wrote most of the songs and co-produced Worsham's entire 'Rubberband' album. He's the man behind 'Springsteen,' Eric Church's award-winning hit.

Listen to Charlie Worsham, 'Want Me Too'

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