The Long Prairie - Grey Eagle school district found a good work around for all the school that has been missed due to weather this winter.

Instead of making the kids come back for more days once summer rolls around, they are instead adding 10 minutes of time to every school day.

The district posted on their Facebook page saying.

We will be adding 10 minutes on to the school day to make up for weather-related school closings. This does not affect preschool, BOLT, or the late bus.

LPGE Elementary will now be running 8:05 am - 3:10 pm, and the secondary school will be running 8:15 am - 3:17 pm.


It doesn't seem like this winter weather is going to be ending anytime soon. Hopefully this solution to missed school days works out and the school year doesn't get extended into the summer any more than it has to. Think warm thoughts!

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