I'm going into hibernation. Bye. Wake me up when it gets above zero.

As my boyfriend was checking Accuweather for the week, he saw the RealFeel for Tuesday night, and it said -59 for Sauk Rapids. -59. Below zero. How is that even possible.

The night time weather description said:

Northwest winds 14 mph, with gusts up to 23 mph. Mostly cloudy; brisk and very cold; extreme cold can be dangerous for outdoor activities.

The previous record for coldest temps on January 29th was -35 in 1951. And last year on that day it was only -3. But I want to go back to 1931 when it was a spicy 50 degrees above zero on January 29th.

Some basic math there, it will feel a total of 100 degrees different on Tuesday night from how it was the same day 88 years ago. Bundle up, we are in for a cold snap.

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