"Minnesota Nice", if you're from Minnesota you try to exude it and if you are visiting Minnesota it's what you experience or at least hope to experience from Minnesotans. Being from Minnesota it's something I have always taken to heart and done my best to live by, as well as,

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Which is why when I came across a video of a traveler going through our great state recently, it made me proud that he experienced Minnesota Nice that should make anyone from Minnesota beam with pride, but especially if they're from Central Minnesota.

The journey for TikTok user @notwaitingtolive started at the Headwaters of the Mississippi in Itasca State Park. But is far from over as he will kayak the whole Mississippi. Yes, he is kayaking all the way down to New Orleans, where the Mississippi disperses into the Gulf of Mexico. For those curious, I looked...from beginning to end, it's a total of 2,350 miles. Needless to say, It's a long trip for @notwailtingtolive, real name Manny Forge, and along the way there are sure to be snags.

With the first real one, being when he shared to his followers that he made a stop in Clearwater, MN and needed help as shown in this video:

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Boy did Central Minnesotans step up and help and show Manny exactly how Minnesota Nice we can be. Many offered rides with several showing up in a matter of 20 minutes, some maybe even less, but it was the former mayor of Sauk Rapids, Mark that escorted him to St. Cloud and introduced him to a fan favorite store, Scheels. While there he was shown even more Minnesota Nice as can be seen in this follow-up video he shared:

Can you say WOW! Seriously, this gives me all the feels and proves to me again that Minnesota Nice exists, especially here in Central Minnesota and makes me proud to live in this area!


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