Here in Minnesota, we all look forward to the goofy, kooky creations that the Minnesota State Fair Food Creators will bring to us each year. We truly don't care if it's ever been made before; Nor are we seriously hoping to meet certain standards of greatness. It's all about the goofiest and delicious creations that you can come up with. If it met celebrity criteria, I think we would all be surprised; But if you take it for what it's meant to be, we say, "Don't knock it until you've tried it, Chef Zimmern.'

Getty Images for NYCWFF
Getty Images for NYCWFF

Celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern, who you have probably seen on one of his many many food programs on TV, like "Bizarre Foods,"  "What's Eating America," and "Family Dinner"  streaming on Discovery+, didn't seem any too excited about the creations that he discovered being introduced as this years new foods to the Minnesota State Fair.

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Chef Zimmern took to Twitter, saying:

"Sashimi???  WTF? Kerala Fried Chicken sounds very promising. Sausage Sisters doing a banh mi thing. Someone doing an Italian sausage Jucy Lucy. Both could be good pending execution. I have more faith in Sisters Doughnut sundaes.  Ugh."

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

When I read his comment, I can't tell if he's being sarcastic, silly or if he is really offended by our crazy Minnesota State Fair Food list?  I did watch a video of him stating that he was originally from New York...and I can't think of two states that have trouble understanding each other more than Minnesota and New York.  It's Minnesota Nice Vs New York Sassy.

Many of the replies to Chef Zimmerns comments were tongue in cheek, basically saying, "Hey Chef...We love ya.  This is all about fun and eating stuff that's ridiculous but delicious."

Do you think that we can get Chef Zimmern to make a trip to our amazing State Fair? Chef Zimmern, You're fantastic. Just don't be so uptight. This is all for fun and games for us.  You just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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