Tis the season!


The caring folks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC...why it isn't TCFDCAP is beyond me) are advising (suggesting) that - despite it still technically being summer - it's time to get a flu shot for the 2018-2019 winter flu season.


Adults as well as children older than six months are advertised advised to get the flu shot by the end of October. The sooner you get the shot, the sooner you're fully kinda sorta protected from this year's strain of the flu.

Quite infamously, last year's vaccine was only 36% effective...pretty lousy, for sure. Still, getting the vaccine will reduce your odds of contracting the flu. And if you still end up catching it, the symptoms are likely to be less severe if you get the vaccine.

The Flu Vaccine: now available in needle and nasal sprays!

It doesn't hurt to frequently wash your hands and stay home from work/school if you're sick. For the love of health PLEASE stay home if you're sick!

Imma go wash my hands right now...

H/T: Time

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