I think this is hilarious...cute, and one of those moments you feel like it's a little bit naughty? Right?

Caribou Coffee has a ton of holiday mugs and cups for sale for the avid Caribou coffee lovers, like myself and my Aunt Marlene. I'm always getting Marlene the latest and greatest from Caribou; But this is something I never expected.

There are a few special holiday cups that feature a little flask. Yes! A teenie tiny flask on the side of the cup or mug. What?!  That's funny! What are you putting in that little flask? An extra shot of espresso? An added flavor? or is it for the purchaser to decide?

Check them out by clicking here.

Denver Post via Getty Images
Denver Post via Getty Images

Of course...I'm not saying it's a bad idea...it just seems like maybe Santa would really like this little "flask" with a cup of coffee and a cookie come Christmas Eve. Keep him warm on the flight?  I'm definitely picking a couple of these up for the holidays; as gifts, of course.

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