My husband Dave and I are at odds over escalators. We were at the Twins home opener on Monday, and our problem seemed to pop up again. He's a walker and I'm a stander. This difference causes a lot of debate in my household.

He's a firm believer that you should walk up an escalator rather than stand there and enjoy the ride. Dave thinks that it's rude to idle around because it's meant to get people to their destination faster. If you walk up the escalator as it moves, it'll get more people around quicker.


I, on the other hand have always just stood in one place on the escalator. My rational is that if I was supposed to keep moving, then why not just take the regular stairs?! I think escalators are meant to give you a little break from walking up a giant flight of stairs. It can be tiring.

So, which is the right answer? These are the debates you can look forward to when you get married!

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