There's a new phone scam that could legally get you into big trouble just by answering 'yes' to a simple question. This scam is now dialing people all over Minnesota very hard!

The scam is a simple one - Your phone rings, and the caller basically says "Can you hear me OK?". The moment you say "yes" it's game over, and you've signed up for a product or service that you're legally bound to paying. In most cases you will lose a dispute because you said "yes", and that's all they need.

They don't specify any product initially, they just get you to say the magic word. This is downright scary, especially in Minnesota where we're genuinely "Minnesota nice" on the phone.

Just today I'd heard about this happening to friends and family, and the area code is from the local area. The robot on the other end of the phone sounds just like a live person, and they are very friendly sounding. It doesn't matter if you're on the do-not-call list, they'll call you anyways, even on your cell phone.

Bottom line, stop saying "yes" right away. Just hang up, or simply ask "who am I speaking with" if you're worried it may be a call you're expecting.

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