Being a Twins fan isn't easy. The ownership is notorious for being cheap when it comes to bringing in free agents and letting homegrown stars go because they won't pay them to stay.

Plus, there's the whole zero world championships since 1991.

Somebody call Bruce Springsteen, because those were the Glory Days... (Getty Images)

Yet, many of us have stuck with them, even through the abomination that was the Twins in the mid-to-late-90s.

I'm not quite what you would call a "Superfan," because, well...I can't afford it. So how much does it cost to be a Twins Superfan?

Below league average, actually...

Play NJ tallied up the costs for attending all (81) home games including the game tickets, parking, a game jersey, one beer, one pop, one custom jersey, and one cap.

The most expensive Major League Baseball club to be a Superfan of is the Chicago Cubs ($15,277.77). Now that they broke The Curse, they can charge dumb prices for things.

The least expensive baseball club to Superfan-boy-or-girl to is the Los Angeles Angels ($4,520.66).

The Minnesota Twins are the sixth-cheapest team to Superfan over, at just $6,365.08.

The Twins open the regular season at the tenth-most expensive Superfan-able club, the Baltimore Orioles ($7,911.13).

So while the Twins' front office is cheap, at least it's relatively cheap to be a Superfan of this cheap club. Relatively.

H/T: Play NJ

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