I spend a lot of time on the internet. My thumbs are jacked from scrolling through timelines and newsfeeds, which dwindles down to the fact that I see A LOT of digital ads. In all honesty, I don't mind them. I've got some really cool stuff from tapping on Facebook and Instagram ads. But there is one ad that has been driving me up the wall.

Cabela's has somehow targeted my feed as a customer who would shop their online store (I love being outside and hunting, so no surprise) but they aren't trying to sell me anything that is "outdoors" related.

They are trying to sell me cheese.

Facebook and Cabela's
Facebook and Cabela's

I keep getting the same ad for one pound of Cabela's "high-temperature cheese". I'm allergic to dairy, and why on earth would I ever even think of ordering cheese from Cabela's?!

It gets crazier -- when you tap on the cheese to at least see what is going on with this product, it doesn't exist. Nothing but an error code shows up. And this wasn't a one-time thing either I tried tapping it on multiple occasions. As I said, I've been getting this ad a lot.

To further my research, and determined to find this cheese, I searched "high-temperature cheese" on Cabela's site and only got one result. A "House Of Smoke High Country Wild Game and Cheese Grubstake Assortment" which costs $229.99.

There doesn't seem to be anything on Cabela's site that resembles this cubed cheese product that is being heavily advertised to me. So I ask; Cabela's, what the heck??

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