I'm not sure if this comparison is scarily accurate, or if I should be offended by it.

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers are taking on the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday, October 24th.  Buffalo Wild Wings has been taking college football teams and ranking them based on the sauces they offer.

For this week's "Hot 26", the chicken wing restaurant compared Minnesota to "mild" sauce.

Pretty rude considering some of the sauces we were ranked as in the previous weeks. The week of October 11th we were "Sweet BBQ", and the week of October 4th we were "Lemon Pepper Seasoning". Both far more exciting than "mild".

Apparently, these rankings aren't done randomly. The 26 sauces are ranked on their scale from spiciest to least, and BWW takes the AP ranking of college football teams for the week and plugs them in. So "mild" is technically our best ranking yet. But if Minnesota wants to get out of the "mild" zone, they need to step up their game.

Michigan is sitting in 18th place this week or "Honey BBQ" which is a great flavor and will be a hard one to beat. Breaking it down though, while mild might be boring, or not have a whole lot of flash to it, it is steady. It is on every menu and is a total staple.

Hopefully, the Gophers own their mild-ness and kick some wolverine tail this weekend. Row the boat!

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