If you're looking to get some great selfies, fantastic family photos, or are just wanting to enjoy a field of gorgeous sunflowers, Fish Sunflowers has you covered.

Fish Sunflowers has been planting and maintaining sunflower fields in Central Minnesota for the past five years:

Fish Sunflowers is celebrating our 6th year of planting sunflower fields. Our goal is to spread joy and provide a free and beautiful place for families, photographers and sunflower fans to gather and soak in the beauty! No politics. No admission fees. Just joy, joy, joy!

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Fish Sunflowers has had locations all over the state, but the first one to bloom this year will be Buffalo, Minnesota. This field is dedicated to Allina Health Buffalo Strong to honor those who went through the shooting at the clinic earlier in 2021. This field was planted at the Allina Health Clinic with the goal for the flowers to bring hope, light, and love to the community. They are planting special purple sunflowers in this location, and this field is expected to bloom in mid-July.

When visiting a sunflower field this summer Fish Sunflowers gave a list of things to consider:

  • This is not an event or a special invitation, this is just a crop of sunflowers that has a lot of meaning.

  • Most of the fields are located on private property, please be respectful.

  • Each field has its own specific instructions and rules regarding parking, etc.

  • Please do not climb on or sit on/in any of the equipment or props.

  • Don’t litter or leave trash of any kind, please pick up after yourself, including your pets.

A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and love went into making these fields happen, and the flowers only last about 10 days. Keep that in mind when visiting, try to leave it beautiful for others to enjoy it as well. To learn more about Fish Sunflowers and support their mission, visit them online. 

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