After yesterday's storms that pushed through Wisconsin killing two people, it's a good idea to make sure you have a plan in case of severe weather in your area. According to the National Weather Service, there's another threat of severe weather for our area again today and tonight.


House with a basement

If there's a tornado warning, The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says you should avoid windows. If you've got a basement in your home, you should seek shelter there. But, the department says know where your heaviest objects are located in your home above you because those objects could fall through weak spots in the floorboards.

No basement

If you don't have a basement in your home, Minnesota Department of Public Safety stresses the importance of getting to the lowest level and most central room. Find a way to protect your head, whether that's by covering it with your hands or finding a mattress or sleeping bag for a shield.

Mobile home

Mobile home residents must evacuate their residence, even if their home is tied down according to Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Get to your community safety shelter or another sturdy building if there is one available. If there isn't, the department suggests you get to a low area outside and lie flat on the ground away from anything that could fall on you and crush you.

Stuck in your vehicle

If you are far enough away to drive away from the tornado, you're encouraged to do that. However, if that's not an option get out of your car, and get to shelter. DO NOT seek shelter under an overpass or bridge. It's extremely dangerous according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. If that's an option you're considering, it's best to get to a low lying area and lie flat with your face down. Find a way to cover your head, even if it's just with your hands.

Make sure you have a severe weather plan for your home and your family. Spend a few minutes talking with your children about what to do in case bad weather strikes, especially if there's a chance they could be home alone when it happens. Make sure to store flashlights with extra batteries, fresh water, a radio, cell phone, snacks and a safety kit in your storm shelter.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety also reminds you that lightning is dangerous even when it's not raining since lightning usually strikes away from rain. So, if you see lightning, get indoors."If you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you," says the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. If there's a threat of severe weather, the moral of the story is to seek shelter and play it smart.

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