My Facebook feed was a steady stream over the weekend of anglers sharing that they are back on the ice for the winter fishing season. The cold weather has had avid fishers on the edge of their seat waiting for the ice to be thick enough to drill a hole into and catch their limits.

We all have our secret spots and favorite lake to go to catch fish, and in our neck of the woods, we happen to have one of the best ice fishing destinations in the country. has updated its yearly list of the best ice fishing destinations in the United States, and Brainerd, Minnesota tops the list:

Having been featured in both our Best Winter Fishing Destinations in the US in 2020 as well as our Best Fishing Festivals articles, it was only a matter of time until Brainerd earned its place among the top ice fishing destinations in the US as well. Over 460 lakes within 25 miles of the city make it a perfect location for angling enthusiasts. The fishing is great any day of the year and even in winter that doesn’t change.

There wasn't a specific lake listed in the article as the best of the best, but there are over 450 lakes to choose from in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Chances are good you'll find the perfect place to set up your house, and drill a hole in the ice.

Take a look at the other top destinations for ice anglers in the Fishing Booker article here. 

Also if you need a laugh, check out this TikTok about ice fishing in Minnesota I found. WARNING: contains a swear word. Might not want to play this at top volume in the office.

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