It's buyer beware when ordering from Amazon. In this case my family gets a chuckle every time we turn the living room lights on! Take a look at the video to see what I mean.


I bought this cool looking device on Amazon for about $14 mainly because it's got a speaker in the bulb and can play music from your phone via bluetooth. It's also got a remote that allows you to change the color of the LED light.

AIDOUT Light Bulb
Credit: AIDOUT via Amazon

What I didn't realize is that every time you turn the light on, it tells you "your bluetooth device is ready to pair". It's a little annoying to hear that every time you turn your room's lights on, but the accent of the voice trying to speak broken English gives people a chuckle every time they hear it.

Am I glad I bought it? For sure, it's a cool idea! I'm a techie so these kinds of toys are exciting to have. I would, however, probably spend a little more next time for a better speaker and remote. For $14 it's the quality you'd expect for that price.

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