I remember the first time I was in college. Cheap beer was CHEAP. A case of Stroh's was less than ten bucks. And back then, college kids didn't care about something silly like flavor. It was quantity WAY over quality. The more beer you could get for cheaper, the gooder.

And then there's Natty Light.


Oh dear Beer Lords, what have we done?!

A 77-pack of Natty Light. That'd maybe last a weekend. But that would be ALL the beer you'd need for a weekend (depending on how many bros you invite over/show up after catching the scent of cheap beer).

My favorite part about this is the warning label: "It's not, not heavy." If a college kid can't figure that out, then Natural Selection leaves more Natural Light for the rest of us.

Them. The rest of them, I mean...

Unfortunately, these are available only in College Park, Maryland.

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