When the weekends roll around in the Summer, I’m always looking for fun things to do. I just discovered a cool way to go biking, without the need to invest in an expensive bike.

The Lake Wobegon Regional Trail, named after the fictional Lake Wobegon in Garrison Kellior’s Prairie Home Companion, is perfect for biking and a great place to see incredible colors, flowers and foliage. The whole trail is 65 miles long.


The Saintly Seven extension provides the opportunity to start your trip on the eastern end of the trail at Rivers Edge Park in Waite Park. According to Wikipedia: "The Saintly Seven is a completed 7 mile extension to bring the trail from St. Joseph all the way into St. Cloud and Waite Park."

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With the generosity of the City of Waite Park and the City of St. Joseph teaming up to form the Bike Share Program you now have access to bikes to use on the trail.  The City of Waite Park Website points out there are ten bikes located at the Lake Wobegon Trailhead in St. Joseph and at Rivers Edge Park in Waite Park.

All you need to do is Download the Movatic App on your phone and follow the directions from there to use a bike.

There are just 2 rules listed on the City of Waite Park website for riding the bikes:

Trail Rules:

1. When on the trail, all users must stay on the right half of the trail when meeting or being passed by another trail user.

2. When passing someone else on the trail, ring the bell and announce yourself by saying “Passing on your left!”


Now get to biking!

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