Some of us just can't wait for the temps to warm up so we can go swimming; but I don't think that was this pup's original idea when he fell through the ice on Tuesday morning this week. Hats off to the Big Lake Fire Department for making a rescue of a four-legged community member.

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The Big Lake Fire Department received a call that a dog had broken through the ice on Eagle Lake and was too far out for its owner to retrieve at about 7:20 am.

Rescuers got busy and headed to the scene. They wore their dry suits and used an ice sled to reach the struggling dog and were able to pull it out of the water and return the dog to it's owner. You can see the photos of the rescue in the Big Lake Fire Departments Facebook post:


Rescue 15 arrived on scene with their 'mustang' suits and ice sled. You can see the dog struggling in the water. I can't imagine how cold that water must have been. You can see the rescuers using their skills of how to rescue people and pets from disasters like this, as the members head out on the ice to reach the dog.

The rescuers received praise on their Facebook page from locals and even Chief Hansen that said, "Good job done by all of you guys. Text book with ropes and picks. Proud of you all."


Other comments from community members:

  • Chad M: "Great job BLFD"
  • Debbie M: "Thank you so much for all you do BLFD"
  • Big Lake Fire Department: "Good job done by all of you guys. Textbook with ropes and picks. Proud of you."
  • Therese T: " Awesome. Thanks for your service."


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