The meme that swept the internet by storm in mid-January has come to life in St. Cloud. If you have driven down Riverside Drive SE lately you probably noticed a life-size statue of Bernie Sanders sitting in this yard, complete with his iconic mittens.

If you somehow missed it, the Bernie meme comes from the inauguration of Joe Biden when Bernie showed up in his parka and mittens and looked like he had better places to be than the inauguration of a new president. It was photoshopped in every way, shape, and form before the week was over, and sparked some pretty hilarious captions.

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The mittens grew a life of their own, as the internet learned that they were made by a school teacher in Vermont who gifted them to Bernie a couple of years ago:

Bernie used the meme popularity to his advantage, selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers with the photo printed on them, donating $1.8 million from the sales to different charities in his home state of Vermont.

Now "Bernie" and his mittens are hanging out on St. Cloud's east side. This real-life remake of a meme is set up as part of a mock gas station yard display on Riverside Drive SE. The elaborate display also includes numerous pieces of old gas station memorabilia and fun vintage signs.

If you were a fan of the meme, or are super into fun yard displays you'll have to take a drive down Riverside in St. Cloud this week.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke

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