FOLEY (WJON News) -- It might be a bit trickier getting around Benton County this summer as it prepares for its most extensive road construction program in the county's history.

Interim Engineer Mark Loidolt says they have 40 miles of roadway that will either be a mill and overlay or a full reclamation.

One of the larger projects is County Road 1 also known as Mayhew Lake Road...

So, on (County Road) 1 there we actually will be grinding up the old pavement and for a segment there, adding a little gravel on top when we reclaim the road. And, then we'll be paving the driving lanes and the shoulder. So, there will be a 6-foot paved shoulder along the whole length of CSAH 1 starting at County Road 29 and going all the way up to CSAH 2.

Loidolt says a couple of county roads intersect with Mayhew Lake Road that will also get done...

CSAH 4 from Mayhew Lake Road to what we call Popple Creek (CSAH 3) will also be a reclaiming project and adding a 6-foot paved shoulder. The same for 15 there, 15 from 1 to County Road 58 which is Town Hall Road.

Some other projects scheduled for this summer include County Road 13 at the south end of Little Rock Lake, County Road 21 north of Rice, County Road 56 northeast of Rice, and County Road 62 southwest of Foley.





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