Most of us will never forget our first car, it's one of our greatest treasures. It's a right of passage for many young drivers. A local Becker teen named Adam Jurek has been saving his money to buy his first car. You could say his methods are a little unique...The sophomore plans to  save up his money in part by collecting used pop cans.

Jurek has been asking for the public's help, too. He's part of a local buy, sell and trade Facebook page where he recently posted, "Looking to pick up your pop cans, trying to save up to buy my 1st car. Would [love] it if you would be willing to donate your pop cans to me."

Jurek's efforts have been well received online. Within hours, Jurek had dozens of comments from community members ready and willing to help him out. Many wished him well on his savings journey.

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Michael Bierschbach wrote, "Good for you young man. Hope you are able to get all you need."

Bill Kirkvold commented, "I can save for you. Let me know how and when you wanna pick them up."

Jesse Neumann posted, "I love this! Keep up the work, I will message you if I come up on any cans for you."

While he says he doesn't have a particular car in mind yet, Jurek has a goal of saving $500. Some commenters expressed concern about how many pop cans it will take Jurek to reach his goal.

To the online discouragers, Jurek wrote, "Well, with all the generous people we have here I think I might get there quicker than you think."

What a great attitude to have. So, we want to help him spread the word. If you've got pop cans you'd like to donate to his effort, you can email him directly at

Good luck trying to buy your first car, Adam!

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