Last week we watched 'hometown' date week on The Bachelor. Daisy Kent, who is in the final 4 and from Becker, had the chance to show Joey Graziadei all that Central MN had to offer during that episode. During all the filming that was taking place, I can't blame Joey and the crew for getting hungry. We now know that Joey stopped to eat at Dueling Brews while he was in town filming, and he tried a very Minnesotan snack too!

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Dueling Brews over the weekend shared some more photos from when Joey stopped by Dueling Brews during the filming, and one of the pictures included his food order. Guess what Joey wanted to try? Fried pickles!

I've been asked if we are doing a Bachelor Watch Party tomorrow night again. We will definitely have it on the TVs as usual but no specials or games this week!

During hometown filming, Joey and some crew stopped in to eat and play cards. I, of course, am in the kitchen cleaning and dirty when my staff runs back..."OMG! Joey is here!!! OMG!"

Naturally, I wanted to hide....but here I am. Easily persuaded into taking a picture with him. The Bachelor. Dressed up for filming. And me. In my DBs shirt, fuzzy hair and no makeup.


There wasn't any indication in the post from Dueling Brews if the reality TV star enjoyed the fried pickles or not, but what a missed chance to introduce Joey to a real Minnesota delicacy...

Do you think the folks at Dueling Brews were trying to convince Joey to try some Minnesota Sushi? I guess it would have been deep-fried Minnesota sushi if they had added some ham and cream cheese.

You can watch Daisy and Joey tonight on The Bachelor on ABC

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