Season 23 of The Bachelor wrapped filming four months ago, and this week the finale of the season aired. We learned that after dramatically dumping him during fantasy suite week, Cassie was willing to take another chance on Colton, and they are happily taking things slow.

As to not ruin the ~*surprise*~, the bachelor and his leading lady get to meet in private during the months of post-production and as the season airs. During those months, Colton and Cassie couldn't be spotted in private together, and as a result used elaborate disguises and code names to hide their love from prying paparazzi. Their code names for each other were "Peter Parker" and "Mary Jane".


In a Twitter post, Cassie shared a picture of the couple dressed as their alter egos. In that pic, Colton was rocking a Minnesota Gophers hoodie! Gotta say, maroon and gold looks good on him!

I'm wishing Cassie and Colton all the best. It sure was an interesting season of The Bachelor that broke tradition and patterns of the past. Hopefully their love stands the test of time! All it took was one sweatshirt to get all of Minnesota on board for this relationship!

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