One thing I've learned (over and over) is that I know very little about the dating world. My first time being single hasn't been without its adventures.


I mean, at least she thanked me for asking her out? Right? Silver lining?

Well, when that rarity happens and your crush says "yes" (or "sure") to a date, how should you prepare? Obviously do (enough) laundry, clean (enough of) your home, clean your car, clean yourself, maybe get an STI check if you've got some time/doubts...and that's before you even pick him/her up!!!

You finally get to the restaurant that you pawned a guitar to afford, sit down, order food...and now comes the conversation. You want to get to know someone as well as you can, if all else to figure out if you should ditch them when they go to the restroom. So what topics are off limits?

Personally, I'm good with most topics on a first date. I want to know who I'm possibly going to disappoint down the road as soon as I can. But "experts" beg to differ.


1. Sex in general
I can see this being taboo on a first date. Unless you REALLY hit it off, then you should probably have at least a brief conversation before diving in.

2. Past failed relationships
You've both had failed relationships. It's part of the road of life, or something. Leave it unspoken, at least until they're done looking for a reason to run away from you.

4. Religion and Politics
Unless your career (or your date's career) involves them, avoid the topic.

8. Kids
If I'm feeling like things are going well enough for a second date, then I'm fine with talking about kids that I/she already has. The possibility for more kids in the future? I don't see the big deal with talking about it.

What other topics should I avoid on a first date?
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