Tonight might be pretty darn exciting when you look up at the evening sky. A plasma eruption, known as a Coronal Mass Ejection, or CME, is headed towards earth tonight. The CME will be merging with other smaller CME's that have happened a day or so ago, so this could be quite an event. On the other hand, you just never know what you'll get with the  Aurora Borealis!

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Whenever there is a chance you might get to see a fascinating display of lights in the sky, I try to send you a message. Seeing the Northern Lights with your own eyes is truly something spectacular. It's something you just can't describe to someone who has never got to experience the beautiful events. So, tonight and tomorrow evening might be the best time to see the lights this year.

According to Space com, there is a lot of activity going on right now, which means we just might get lucky.  There is no snow in the forecast for the next couple of days, so with the temps being chilly but not unbearable, I'm hoping that you'll get in your car, drive out to the countryside, get away from city lights, and find a nice place to view the dark sky.

The best time to view the northern lights will be around 10 to midnight, and you might have to be patient. Sometimes the lights flicker on and off; sometimes they last for hours.

Bundle up. Grab your kids. Get some blankets or just sit in a dark car and view the evening sky.

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