"Knowing what you want" is one thing. "Knowing what he wants whether he knows it or not" is another.

Are YOU a future (or current) crazy ex-girlfriend?

  1. Your multiple personalities means he'll never have to cheat!
  2. When he says that he could never handle a crazy chick, you laugh too hard
  3. You answer questions people ask him for him
  4. When he asks what's wrong, you bring up that thing he did June 2nd, 2011 at 1:35pm
  5. You're ready to fight his cousin for daring to hug him
  6. In the middle of an argument you start laughing maniacally
  7. You go ape if he doesn't text you back within 1 minute
  8. You burn his sister's house down because he liked a picture she posted on Facebook
  9. You only slash 3 tires because insurance pays if it's 4

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