We are all familiar with Olympic Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn. She is a St. Paul native and on of the most recognizable celebrities from Minnesota. But are we sure she is actually from Minnesota and not Wisconsin?


She recently shared a series of stories on Instagram that involved applying cheese to injured areas on her body. Yep. Cheese. She is a ski racer, and plummeting down a slippery mountain at top speed lends itself to injuries, but is cheese really the best cure for them?

The cheese Vonn uses to "cure" herself is called Topfen, it is an Austrian cheese that has a lot of anti inflammatory properties, so it makes sense to put it on an injury.

I think if I get hurt I will stick with what I learned in middle school health, RICE. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation. And while I rest, I will eat something covered in cheese instead of spreading it on my body.

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